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Virtual Events Management

Virtual Event - Conference Transcription Services

Engage Seamless Events for premium Virtual Events Management.

Seamless Events assists organizations deliver impactful and memorable virtual events to a global audience.

We will work with you to plan and produce digital event which will provide a lifelike experience and help your brand stand out from the rest while amazing your target audience.

Type of Events

 Virtual Conferences

  • Digital congresses
  • Online seminars
  • Virtual conventions
  • Hybrid Events

 Corporate Fairs

  • Virtual Company presentations
  • Virtual Employee events
  • Virtual Kick-off events
  • Virtual Product launches
  • Virtual Award Ceremonies

Industrial Fairs

  • Virtual Exhibitions and trade fairs

 Press/Marketing Events

  • Virtual press conferences
  • Virtual Marketing for lead generation

 Virtual Campus

  • Online academy
  • eLearning
  • Training

Hybrid Events

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the spotlight is increasingly turning to hybrid events as a means for organizations to hold an event while still adhering to the social distancing rules around the pandemic. We have the equipment, resources, personnel, and capacity to set up physical, virtual end hybrid events from a small boardroom capacity to a large stadia gathering.

Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event

  1. Adherence to the Covid-19 health protocols
  2. Increase in reach to capture more attendees due to geographical and time restrictions and time constraints. Participants, panel engagements are what distinguishes it from watching pre-recorded content. Attendees can share content, comment, like and share content and so much more at the literal click of a button. For example, you can conduct polls, and get feedback from your live and virtual audiences
  3. There is real-time social media integration with live streams and virtual events hence having a wider coverage over a given time.
  4. Data Collection is faster and more accurate than physical events. For instance, you can get the actual no of participants within a session, interaction levels in working groups/teams. You have a great deal of traceable information and data which helps you to refine and improve subsequent vents.
  5. Reduced Costs: Hybrid events are cheaper to set up and execute which saves on budget on the side of the organization and the participants. It saves costs in accommodation, venue hire, food and refreshments, and travel costs.
  6. Flexibility: Hybrid events are more flexible in terms of time and location. It is easier to shift time setting regardless of geographical location because participants can attend from wherever they are regardless of the time differences.