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Interpretation Services

All of the world’s languages at your fingertips:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Escort Interpretation
  • Remote Interpretation (Video Conference Interpretation)

Seamless Events provides a full range of language support for conferences and meetings in the East African Region. Our leadership in the field of interpretation is helping to bring this niche service into the mainstream as globalization continues to make cross-cultural understanding a part of almost every business’ bottom line. Our vast experience in both the public and private sectors give us significant insight into the market place and allows Seamless Events to accurately predict our client’s needs, helping us to tailor our services on a meeting by meeting basis. When selecting an interpreter team for your event, we base our criteria on language direction, subject matter, and topic of presentation.

Seamless Events offers language interpretation services to leading international development and corporate organizations and businesses operating in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somali, Seychelles, Comoros, Central Africa Republic among others.

Seamless Events provides a platform for freelance language practitioners in the interpretation and translation field locally and internationally.

Interpretation has incorporated the use of technology and Seamless Events has invested heavily by acquiring state of the art Simultaneous Equipment’s for use during Conferences. Our interpreters are well versed with the most advanced language technology which ensures that our clients receive the best interpretation services. Bosch, Danish Interpretation System (DIS), Seinheisser, Televic are among the equipments they use.

Seamless Events continues to facilitate communication during

  • Peace Negotiations
  • Security trainings
  • Election Monitors training
  • Trade Negotiations
  • Skills and Technology transfers
  • Research Activities
  • Environmental dialogues
  • Medical activities
  • Human Rights Activities
    among many other spheres of human interaction


General Translation involves translation/interpreting of simple texts and speeches about general matters.

Interpreting services: Presentations, interpreting services at Conferences, Trainings Workshops, Seminars or similar events.


Interpreting services: Interpreting at courts, and any other authorities, which the assistance of sworn interpreter is required.


Interpreting services: Visits at universities, congresses, conferences, presentations, congresses, webinars, workshops, Skype meetings, interpreter for exhibition in the science.


Interpreting services: Business negotiations, Conferences, presentations, Skype-negotiations, interpreter for exhibition.


Interpreting services: Visits at clinics, doctors, hospitals, Skype meetings, interpreter for exhibition in the field of medicine.


Interpreting services: Business negotiations, presentations, Skype-negotiations, interpreter for exhibition in IT-field.


Technical interpretation isinterpreting of technical and/or scientific and technical meetings. What for? Branches of technical interpreting we provide:

  • aeronautical engineering
  • automotive industry
  • audio and video equipment
  • metallurgical and mining industry
  • wood-working and furniture industry
  • information technology (IT)
  • computers, hard- and software, operational system
  • oil and gas industry
  • agricultural machinery
  • telecommunication
  • electronic engineering, and etc.

Interpreting services:Universities, congresses, conferences, presentations, webinars, workshops, Skype meetings, interpreters for exhibitions.


Interpreting services: Universities, congresses, conferences, presentations, webinars, workshops, Skype meetings, interpreters for book exhibitions.