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Why choose our interpretation?

Why choose our interpretation?: There are three basic components to providing language interpretation Services to any size meeting. The First component is the people. Language Interpretation is one of the most difficult and least understood abilities known to man. From the days of Marco Polo and Sacagewa, only a select few people have the ability to.Not only know another language, but be able to succinctly and accurately render one language into another.

This becomes even more difficult a task when the message being delivered is not just a general topic but rather a specialized field of medicine, engineering or finance that has its own terminology, acronyms and sub-culture. It is for this exact reason that Seamless Events Solutions is not just a general language service provider. We have invested our entire careers in forging personal relationships with Africas leading interpretation professional in almost every field imaginable. We have categorized thousands of highly qualified individuals who are not only professional interpreters but who have very valuable specific knowledge of their fields of interest. When we suggest interpreters for your meeting, you can be sure that these are individuals, certified and strictly vetted to be the best possible match for your needs.

Secondly,Why choose our interpretation, language interpretation requires specialized equipment. For meetings here in Kenya and the entire East African Region, Seamless Events Solutions maintains its own stock of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments. These are the Equipments used by the most important interpreted congresses in the world including the United Nations, African Union, the World Bank and others. It is flawless technology and superior to anything else on the market in every way. The digital technology works 100% interference free in any type of lighting and even in daylight. Also the sound quality of the Bosch Equipment is remarkably better than any other FM systems on the market. For the attendees listening to the Bosch System this will come as a huge relief when they do not feel the “FM fatigue” that accompanies listening to the white-noise static all day long.

Seamless Events also relies on our currently constructed business partnerships. We have personal relationships with other companies in the region who carry our standard of equipment and who embody the same level of dedication to excellence that we set for ourselves. These companies are comprised of men and women we not only consider friends but who have our profound trust to do a good job, every time. Thus Project Managers at Seamless Events know exactly who to turn to when a request comes in for other parts of Africa because we know Africa and the people who inhabit it.

Finally,Why choose our interpretation. providing language interpretation services takes knowledge and our employees have that in spades. Seamless Events Solutions believes that hard work and commitment are leadership traits that need to be exhibited from top down. Our management team is required to perform a certain number of on-site interpretation project management jobs every quarter, simply to stay attuned to the trade and to say focused on our core beliefs. We train all of our staff, not just the Project Managers to be proficient in our trade so that every person working for us can speak intelligently about the needs and understand the preparation involved in interpreting for complex international congresses.

We attend trade-shows, seminars and additional trainings to ensure that our technicians are at the top of the field in all aspects of language interpretation, audio-visual production and event management. When a Seamless Events Solutions employee walks into a convention hall, that person is proficient at everything that is going on and acts as a part of a team. For the good of any meeting, our project managers are cross-trained on all aspects of live events and can jump in to help on any task, not just our own. It is this superior training and knowledge that makes Seamless Events Solutions the company it is and its our people who will take your meeting to the next level