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Seamless Events Solutions understands the complexity of Creative and Branding issues that must be considered when launching a new brand or marketing a product. That is style, symbolism, humour, metaphor and emotional appeal must all be factored into the process in order for the correct message to be communicated in the correct way.

Seamless Events Solutions works with Creative and Branding companies providing a wide range of marketing and communications solutions. These include branding & design, PR, advertising, digital, direct marketing, outdoor and integrated marketing support. We offer insightful and knowledgeable translation services for clients who require a delicate balance of ideas to be translated to overseas markets.

These services include:

  • A flexible desktop publishing service that uses native speaking language specialists to negotiate the difficulty of using foreign scripts. We ensure that clients’ documents and publications are translated correctly and adhere to the grammar and style of a foreign language.
  • Localisation – one of the most important tools in avoiding misinterpretation. We make sure that clients’ messages make sense, are consistent with core values and meet all the cultural requirements of the new territory.
  • Our voice over service offers a wealth of talent from professional actors, broadcasters and commentators who provide a wide range of languages, dialects and regional accents to give life to an international marketing campaign.
  • Brand consultancy – managing clients’ brand perception in an overseas market. We use our network of linguists to analyse the brand name, logo and tagline.This is to ensure that each component combines to offer clear, consistent and compelling communication around the world.
  • Translation of press releases, marketing literature and press articles.
  • Check quality and localisation prior to the translation being published or going live.