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Seamless Events Solutions network of linguists includes individuals who combine strong linguistic ability with professional experience of engineering, design and project management services.

Their expertise combined with the use of Translation Memory Software for text repeated throughout the document allows us to deliver consistently high quality translations to tight deadlines. We also build client-specific glossaries which are stored centrally so that all translators working on your project have instant access to the most appropriate vocabulary for your organisation.

This guarantees that your user instructions or manuals, technical reports, textbooks, contracts, presentations and project specifications are translated to the highest technical standards and in the shortest possible time – whatever field of activity you operate in.

Market Research

We offer comprehensive translation and interpreting services tailored to the needs of clients in the market research industry. The diversity of requirements in market research is only matched by the breadth of our expertise which includes:

  • Translation of questionnaires and surveys (on-line and traditional) into a wide variety of formats
  • Checking quality and localisation prior to the translation being published or going live
  • Experienced analysts providing media analysis in accordance with clients’ working practice and format
  • Using verbatim coding as a cost-effective solution to back-translation of survey data
  • Quality checking by our expert linguists for consistency and accuracy
  • Providing professionally-accredited interpreters Australasia & Asia Pacific-wide for focus groups and face-to-face interviews
  • Timed transcriptions and audio translations from audio/video recordings of groups or individuals

Our translations are tailored to the industry in order to meet our clients’ working methods and budgets. With our interpreting service, you can be completely confident that language nuances and tone of voice are faithfully communicated by native speakers who are selected for their expertise in a specific project area. We can even supply interpreting equipment if required.


Seamless Events Solutions has extensive experience in legal translation and interpreting. We work with the legal profession to provide a range of services including contract translations, patent translations and certificate translations.

Our Project Managers take great care to match your requirements with a legal translator who has extensive relevant experience, and who will deliver a translation into their mother tongue faithful to the document’s original structure and wording.

Seamless Events has a strict confidentiality policy and our dedicated server ensures that all data is completely secure.

If you are a solicitor or a barrister requiring interpreters even at very short notice we can provide professional linguists from a large pool qualified interpreters.

Whatever your requirement you can be assured that the best qualified legal linguist will take care of it.


Seamless Events provides teams of highly experienced medical interpreters to assist healthcare personnel to deliver equal access to healthcare to all patients…at very short notice!

Our medical linguists are not only competent technically but have the composure to stay professional in sensitive and often emotionally demanding situations. Seamless Events strict confidentiality policy and our dedicated server ensure that patient confidentiality is completely protected at all times.

Medical translations are always dealt with by linguists who have graduated with a medical or science degree.


We support local and central Government in providing equal access to public service. We cover a wide range of specialist fields, anything from agricultural policy to white papers on youth centres and everything in between.

Our team is highly experienced in providing integrated language services to the public sector. We develop bespoke solutions for each client to finely-tune our service provision to their specific requirements.

Some ways in which we add extra value to our Government clients are listed below:

  • We build client-specific terminology databases and translation memories
  • Our multi-service capabilities enable seamless solutions, e.g. audio guides for tourists visiting local attractions
  • We offer service user education and awareness training
  • We can provide on-line ordering facilities
  • We have a proven track record in providing professional-quality language services for use in the public sector

For regular national and local government clients, we are pleased to offer preferential rates to ensure that budget constraints are met.

Hotel and Hospitality

Seamless Events Solutions is a reliable partner to the hotel and hospitality sector enabling consistent communication of brand across a range of media channels.

We ensure that your brand is accurately communicated in many different ‘local’ languages to help you attract a global clientele and then deliver excellent client service by providing information in the language of your choice.

We guarantee consistency of communication by building client specific glossaries which, if required, can also match the style and tone of voice of existing promotional material.

Building your global brand and enhancing your reputation is important to Language Connect.

IT and Telecoms

Seamless Events has an established network of specialist technology translators who are fully up to speed with the latest concepts and solutions in the sector.

We work with blue chip clients who depend on our ability to provide translators who have both industry specific technical expertise and a working knowledge of legal contracts.

Seamless Events has extensive knowledge of a range of formats and software programs. In a rapidly evolving sector you can be sure that a Seamless Events Solutions translator is well-equipped to provide a first-class translation first time, every time.


Seamless Events Solutions network of professional linguists can increase your ability to identify and recruit the best candidate from an international pool of talent.

We can help you to:

  • Establish the relevance of foreign qualifications
  • Access a wider range of candidates
  • Translate employment contracts

Seamless Events Solutions provides professionals experienced in the linguistic practicalities of international labour mobility who can help your business become part of the global workplace.