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Voice over Services

What is Voice Over?

Also referred to as voice acting, it is a type of profession that requires practice and style. Although everybody encounters work from this type of profession, not everyone knows what it is. It is done by voice actors and actresses expected to record and stir emotion.

It is a human-made production that uses software to capture and edit a recording to use for specific broadcast purposes.
It also goes through other processes wherein the recording will be mixed, edited, and mastered to ensure superior quality. After this, it is ready for film, theater, radio, television, among many other channels.

How do we come in?

At Seamless Events, we offer multilingual voice over actors for the most in-demand African and Western languages.The following are some of the languages in which we offer:

  1. Swahili
  2. Ethiopian Amharic
  3. South African Zulu
  4. Ethiopian Tigrinya
  5. Kenyan English
  6. Tanzanian Swahili
  7. Tiwi from Ghana
  8. Nigerian Igbo
  9. Luo
  10. Kikuyu
  11. Kamba language
  12. Luhyia
  13. Rwandan
  14. African French
  15. Mozambique Portuguese

Seamless Events provides artists with significant experience in recording for television and radio including professional actors, broadcasters, and narrators. We cover a broad range of languages, dialects, and regional accents and can help you find the right voice from our extensive library. We ensure that your message is presented in your native tongue, with a voice that suits your brand’s identity, thanks to our global talent pool. The voice that goes with it is an important aspect of your brand identity.