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Conference microphone systems also known as (push-to-talk mic, discussion or conferencing systems) in Nairobi Kenya, East and Central Africa

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Seamless Events, Nairobi, Kenya -Conference Microphone Systems Rental

 Are you looking for conference microphone systems also known as (push-to-talk mic, discussion or conferencing systems) in Nairobi Kenya, East and Central Africa and are not sure where to start? Talk to Seamless Events for an instant solution!

 The most common applications for conference microphone systems are:

  • Board rooms
  • Focus groups
  • School boards and PTAs
  • Conference and meeting facilities
  • Classrooms and educational seminars
  • Parliamentary and government settings

Conference microphone systems are a type of audio equipment that enable meeting participants to hear and be heard by each other.

The ultimate goal of Seamless Events, conference microphone systems is to bring the efficiency of a small meeting to a larger setting.

In a typical conferencing setup, each participant has a personal (gooseneck style) microphone unit. This lets them speak to the other attendees and listen to others through a small speaker. The chairman of the meeting has a special unit with controls for volume, mute (to recognize speakers or cut off those whose time has expired), voting features, and so on.

Why You need Seamless Events to provide you with Conference Microphone System For Your Meetings

 Accessibility: A conference Microphone System makes it easy for a wider group of speakers to participate in the meeting and allows a larger audience to follow the proceedings (either as passive listeners or after the fact via recordings).

Saves Meeting Time: A conference Microphone System eliminates the need for speakers to constantly trade microphones, as each speaker has a personal mic. This saves time It is always clear who is speaking because each microphone has a light that illuminates when on.

Enables Language Interpretation: With multi-lingual groups, conference microphone systems are often used with simultaneous interpretation equipment. The individual mics allow the floor feed to be sent directly to the interpreter, so that he/she has a clear audio signal to translate.

Improves Meeting Flow: The system’s mute, volume and voting controls allow the Chairman to discreetly control the meeting, recognize participants, and call to order as necessary.

Aesthetics: The sleek and polished appearance of the systems signals professionalism and respect for all participants. By giving each speaker a personal microphone, it also shows a commitment to valuing each person’s voice.

Seamless Events has two Types of Conference Microphone Systems: Wired and Wireless

Seamless Events always offers the highest quality systems on the market. The systems we offer are of two types: wireless and wired.

 Seamless Events – Wired Conference Mic Systems

  • Encourages participation by giving all participants a right and ability to speak and be heard.
  • Wired digital systems are ideal for settings where equipment is set-up once and infrequently moved such as hotel conference rooms, political or board meetings, gyms, libraries, and etc.
  • Built-in audio recording capabilities for future playback or publication – simply plug in an external USB stick and select your desired format.
  • Each Delegate Unit has its own push-to-talk button, enabling participants to simply press their button to be heard by the audience. There is also a voice activation mode, so participants do not have to press a button to be amplified.
  • For language translation applications, the system supports four languages. Expandable to support up to 28 languages through additional licenses.
  • System is designed to resist interference (ie, that annoying buzz) caused by mobile phone interference.
  • When active, each microphone unit features a red lighted ring for increased visibility. This light is bright enough to be picked up on camera for TV broadcast.
  • Delegate and Chairman Units connect to CCU via digital Cat6 cables.
  • Digital technology produces clearest audio quality possible.
  • Delegate units can be shared between two people to help keep the cost down if necessary.
  • Participants can use built-in headphone connection for hearing assist.
  • System contains multiple input and output connectors for connecting to additional AV equipment or teleconferencing systems.
  • Save your recordings in a variety of quality levels and formats: either .wav or mp3 and 64, 128, or 192 kbps.

Seamless Events -Wireless Conference Mic Systems

  • Wireless conferencing systems are ideal for settings where compactness, portability, and ease of setup are top priorities.
  • Ideal for multipurpose rooms where the equipment must be regularly broken down for storage.
  • Digital signal ensures excellent sound quality. Operates in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band for non-interference from radio waves or mobile phones.
  • System is ideal for Hotels, Conference venues, City, County, Government or any other organizations that have regular public meetings.
  • Used with meeting suite software to create and display the session agenda, manage the flow of speakers, and control voting procedures and records.
  • The chairman unit controls system volume, next speaker, and priority mic controls.
  • Chairman and delegate units have headphone jacks for assistive listening or language interpretation


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