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Simultaneous interpreter booths, good quality, made from aluminum and acoustic materials…

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Seamless Events offers simultaneous interpreter booths, developed to meet client’s expectations. These interpreter booths are made from aluminum and acoustic materials.

They are designed for easy setup and strike-down and need no tools.

The booths include a working table, 2 roof ventilation units, and cable conduits in the front and back sidewalls for ease of running power strips, as needed.


Seamless Events tabletop interpreter booths measure a roomy 55.1 in/140 cm across, 27.5 in/70 cm high, and 27.5 in/70 cm deep and weigh only 54 lbs./24.5 kg.

They are framed in aluminum and feature continuous solid metal fasteners between panels.

The booths are ideal where air travel is required or where there is limited space for setting up a full size booth.


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