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Public Relations and Media Management

Public Relations and Media Management

Seamless Events is one of Africa’s leading Public Relations and Media Management in Kenya, Social Media and Experiential agencies

Areas of Expertise

Working across numerous fields and industries we have one goal – to make our clients famous through compelling storytelling. We create and nurture PR campaigns that are deliberately shareable and generate ideas that get people talking, whether on social media, around a water cooler, at the pub or in a boardroom.

Technology Public Relations

Facilitating innovation and establishing sector credibility, we communicate the value technology brings to businesses, community and the wider industry

Corporate Public Relations

Devising outcome-focused strategies across numerous industries, we implement expertise in reputation management, crisis and issues management and CSR and sustainability

Government Public Relations

Creating strategic campaigns and raising public awareness, we deliver quantifiable results across stakeholder engagement programmes, recruitment drives, and reputation management

Consumer Public Relations

Breaking new ground with highly creative and integrated ideas, we develop launch concepts and implement high-impact media relations to build, maintain and grow brands

Activation & Experiential

Leveraging the power of disruption, we create experiences that allow brands to demonstrate not what – but who – they are.

Social Media

Embracing the value of social influence, we devise digital and social media game-changers that engage audiences and drive behavioural change

What we do

Media relations

Our Public Relations and Media Management team works with clients to develop their relationships with media. In public relations and media management, we continually invest in developing our contacts, understanding particular media outlets and individual journalists. We know what they want, how they want it and when they want it, whether this is a simple media release, an embedded video to support a story, or expert comment or analysis on a particular subject.

We track issues, monitor for trends and rapidly spot relevant opportunities to pitch to journalists. This proactive approach means our clients benefit and our own reputation builds with the media – they know they will get quality and targeted stories from Red Agency.


We love to help brands meaningfully engage with their audience online. In order to do this, we combine traditional PR with content creation and social media – producing integrated digital campaigns that generate meaningful dialogue with the target audience.

Corporate Communications

Enhancing and maintaining corporate profile is of paramount concern to any business no matter what industry they operate in. We work closely with our clients to establish authenticity in corporate character through meaningful dialogue, thought leadership and relationship building at all internal and external levels.

Stakeholder relations

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their stakeholders and help shape a communications program to reach them. Effective stakeholder relations management is about communicating and influencing attitudes, decisions and behaviour. It is also about listening to other opinions and points of view, so that we can better understand particular stakeholders, perhaps find common ground and positions, and/or simply open a new dialogue.

We often, in advance of any stakeholder relations undertake a stakeholder auditing and mapping exercise to gain as much insight as possible into these groups.

Brand Marketing

We understand how quickly trends change, and the importance of capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience in this fast moving world.

Seamless Events has extensive experience in creating word of mouth activities that share and amplify a brand’s story in the most engaging and authentic way possible.

CSR & Sustainability

Industry and government is becoming increasingly aware of the business case for CSR and sustainability and how it is acting as a key lever for

  • improving business practices
  • winning business
  • reputation management, including defending and enhancing the brand
  • engaging existing or new stakeholders
  • brand differentiation

All of this means more and more brands want to get better at what they are doing and how they are doing it – and of course this means getting better at how they communicate it. Organizations want people to feel good about their brand, campaign or initiative. They want people to feel good about working for them and with them, feel good about buying from them, and feel good about investing in them.

Seamless Events has significant experience working with big brands, SMEs, government and NGOs to do just this.

Issues and Crisis Management

In Public Relations and Media Management we have a particular expertise in issues and crisis management, providing the right level of senior counsel to successfully manage a situation.

How do we go about this? We believe that planning for issues is as important as managing the issue itself. Scenario planning, assessing risks, agreeing responses, contact points and communication channels to activate, when a scenario happens, is all part of our strategic issues management approach.

Issues and crisis management is intrinsically linked to reputation management and building and maintaining trust with stakeholders. In addition to planning for such occurrences and managing the communications that arise from situations for clients, we also constantly monitor and highlight any potential issues that we believe may impact a client or their industry.

With the explosion of social media there is now very often a crucial requirement to be able to deal with issues in real time. Our advice and expertise enables our clients to communicate quickly and effectively with stakeholders.

Our experience includes dealing with product recalls, work related injuries, alleged criminal behaviour, factory closures, environmental issues, and regulatory and legislative issues.

Executive Positioning

Seamless Events has worked with a range of key corporate business leaders to build reputation and cultivate trust through a number of strategies: speaking opportunities, influencer engagement and targeted relationship development.

We also offer tailored media training programmes that cater to the needs of each individual – increasing confidence and ensuring that messages delivered to the media remain on brand.

Employee Engagement

We take pride in working closely with our clients to create communication and engagement strategies that ensure employees are not only committed to the goals and values of their organisation, but motivated to contribute towards its overall success.

Behavioural Change

Often the objective of a PR campaign is to change behaviour. Whether through media, online or via face-to-face activities, we have a track record of delivering positive and measurable behaviour change for government campaigns, brands and charities.

Whether it is to drive people to switch brand, improve health or become a volunteer we can create the right strategy for you.