How to Avoid Event Embarrassment

The most common event embarrassment is when the speaker dropout, the special band or special quest fails to show up.

So what do you do?

Seamless Events encourages event planners to ensure they include in their contracts enough time for notifications like flight booked, can’t make it, flight change, vehicle breakdown, feeling sick and other important situations that could cause delay in launching plan B.

Having a backup plan B, involves event managers ensuring back up guest speakers, band or team are available and can easily access the event on the given date.

Getting and attending to as much notices as possible from participants is one key to a successful event.

The other common problem is low turnouts. The huge hall with few attendees smiling about almost nothing, giving the organizers almost running stomachs.

Ensuring that attendees were charged for tickets gives more reasons to attend.

While that’s not enough, you might want to have a standby list of guest to invite or slightly oversell sits.

Regulated and constant reminders to attendees can greatly improve attendance.

Technology can be nuisance if one does not work with experienced and reliable Audio Visual Partner like Seamless Events.

Unexpected weather requires a team like Seamless Events select a venue with concern to weather and many other environmental issues.

Seamless Events ensures that outdoor events or events leading to outdoor activities have water proof coverings and indoor options.

The other little touches to weather that guests appreciates are fans, rain macs, sunscreens, water bottles and umbrellas.

The crazy long queues over toilets, entry points, meals and other activities leading to queues will require the use of software systems to help anticipate the number of guests and plan in advance.

Too much for you? Call us and we will make this a painless event management.

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