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Are you holding a Board meeting, Conference, Workshop, Training  and require Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment’s in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia,  Ethiopa, Djibouti, Seychelles, Comoros?

Seamless Events is a full-service translation and simultaneous interpretation company committed to delivering consistently superior quality  in East and Central Africa at competitive prices.

In addition to simultaneous interpretation and translation into most languages and disciplines, we offer various equipment rental options to meet the needs and budgets of our diverse clients.

We maintain an extensive rental stock of simultaneous interpretation systems, tour guide systems, push-to-talk microphone conference systems, portable sound systems, and hearing assistance systems. We also rent 2 person walk-in interpreter booths, as well as 2-person tabletop booths.

Our equipment’s models  include Danish Interpretation System (DIS), Bosh and Wireless Tour Guide Systems


  • Plug-and-play, all digital conference technology, IEC60914 compliant, close to CD sound quality
  • High speed RISC embedded hardware structure, point-to-point connection mode, remote transmission up to 150 m. with no drop in sound quality
  • Automatic test circuitry connection, audio data, and intelligent error report and recovery
  • Navigation keyboard on central control unit panel controls all functions, 2.8” LCD menu
  • 4 operating modes: Limited , FIFO, apply-to-speak, and voice-activated
  • Each control unit can connect up to 120 contribution units- expandable to 65,335 contribution units with addition of extension controllers
  • Protocol sharing compatible with most popular cameras, built-in 8×4 audio matrix, can control 8 cameras + audio signals.


  • Digitally controlled dual panel workstation
  • Individual volume and tone controls
  • Built-in distribution amplifier and mini mixer
  • Interlocking microphone and relay output functions
  • Soft-touch buttons provide for smoother, quieter operation
  • Multiple microphone and headset options


Sleek, desktop design contribution units

Each unit has assigned ID address

Chairman unit controls all other units

  • Can set up or change conference operating mode
  • Can accept or reject application for speech
  • Can switch off one or all microphones
  • Can start and implement conference discussions
  • Can control voting process



Seamless Events offers simultaneous interpreter booths, developed to meet client’s expectations. These interpreter booths are made from aluminum and acoustic materials.

They are designed for easy setup and strike-down and need no tools.

The booths include a working table, 2 roof ventilation units, and cable conduits in the front and back sidewalls for ease of running power strips, as needed.


Seamless Events tabletop interpreter booths measure a roomy 55.1 in/140 cm across, 27.5 in/70 cm high, and 27.5 in/70 cm deep and weigh only 54 lbs./24.5 kg.

They are framed in aluminum and feature continuous solid metal fasteners between panels.

The booths are ideal where air travel is required or where there is limited space for setting up a full size booth.


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